Tale Of Woods & Water

It's tech-demo to show some of our main features in Gorilla3D.

In this demo we used:

  • character skinning animation from DAE format
  • complex animation management by an animation-controller and transitions
  • different model formats (dae, fbx, obj, gltf) loaded
  • order-independent transparency rendering for ferns
  • cloning and instanciating of models and meshes for ferns and rocks
  • normal-mapping texturing for rocks and branch
  • lambert/phong and blinnphong shaders
  • Q3 Physics Engine with capsule, box and mesh colliders
  • FMOD audio playback for music and sound-effects triggered by character-controller
  • PhysicsCharacterController with ThirdPersonController and real physics feedback
  • trigger-point detection to turn a selected specific wheel
  • InputController keyboard feedback with hotkey settings
  • water surface rendering with depth-, reflection- and refraction-pass
  • sparkles particle emitter for the magical feeling
  • 3DTextLayer with correct transparency
  • property animations for moving camera at the beginning
  • mouse interaction for camera rotation
  • skybox rendering from cubemap
  • bokeh effect for the blurry look
  • frustum culling to rendering only visible objects
  • and much more under the hood!

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MANAZ Santas Workshop

Hard times for the elves at Christmas time. The gifts fall like rain from the sky, but all must be collected. Otherwise, the children do not get their presents. So help the elf in the Christmas workshop catch them all. But beware, a crazy elf sometimes throws Santa's boots into the pipes.

And no kid likes that for Christmas!

This is a promotion app of Manaz GmbH and also serves as a simple tech demo for the Gorilla 3D Framework addon for Delphi Firemonkey. This tech demo features the integrated Q3 Physics engine and some larger and smaller features, such as DAE, OBJ import and skin animation.

Platform: Android